Meraloma — Bridge the Gap Grant 2015

Since 1997, the Meraloma Mini rugby program has introduced rugby to thousands of Vancouver kids and been a feeder to their Juniors, Senior Men’s and Women’s teams, as well as the local High Schools, Regional, Provincial and National Rep teams. Their program has three main aims: 1.) Get kids active 2.) Get kids having fun while being active 3.) Introduce rugby to kids. They introduce rugby in a graduated manner as prescribed by the BC Rugby Union. All the coaches, admin and parents work hard to foster a safe and friendly environment for the children with an emphasis on developing skills over who wins and who loses.

Meraloma Rugby is requesting funds to assist in delivering free summer rugby camps to under-privileged areas of Vancouver. They hope to deliver two summer camps to non-traditional rugby neighbourhoods with the aim of introducing children and their families to rugby and to promote active learning. In general, these neighbourhoods are not served by existing Vancouver rugby clubs and the aim is to partner with other local clubs, Vancouver Rugby Union and BC Rugby Union to deliver these camps.

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